Invigorating and heating season in Macadamia

This fall and winter we shall prepare for you a new, strong, aromatic coffee «Nostalgie». Warm you soft fragrant mulled wine and will not resist the delicious and varied hot chocolate.

  • Hot chocolate classic 125 RUB (or with spices 175 RUB)
  • Cocoa (with milk or cream) 185 RUB (or with spices 220 RUB)
  • Mocha with milk 185 RUB (or with cream 295 RUB) (or cherry 245 RUB)

Also, on request, you can add whipped cream

  • Coffee «Nostalgie» with milk 150 RUB
  • Coffee «Nostalgie» with melted milk 150 RUB

Autumn offer

New dishes from our chef.

  • Mix-salad with slices of chicken fillet 310 RUB
  • Salad «Fusion» with tuna 310 RUB
  • Penne with chicken in tomato sauce 350 RUB
  • Homemade chicken cutlets 250 RUB
  • Pumpkin pancakes 220 RUB
  • Pumpkin cream-soup 310 RUB

Children's menu

For the youngest guests, the chef Macadamia has developed a special children's menu.